T-Rex 450 Pro V2 3GX Super Combo Align Bizmodel modellismo

T-Rex 450 has always been the most ideal beginner or general practicing model. Even though flybarless models have been the predominant trend, Align has not forgotten those who prefer the traditional flybar helicopters. As a result, the T-Rex 450 Sport V2 has been introduced. It is not a minor revision of the previous model, but rather a new model incorporating numerous modern design concepts. Compared to its predecessor, the Sport V2 is more precise, with better flight characteristic and controllability.
With the new style CNC rotor head system anodized in familiar blue anodizing, the flight stability and controllability is dramatically improved. The traditional 4 pieces frames is retained, with composite material technology which integrates screw attachment points for servo mounts to ease installation. Power is provided by Align’s high efficiency 450MX series motor, as if the helicopter received an ultra strong heart transplant. A newly designed rudder servo mount which relocates the servo inside the frame to achieve centralized CG and improve 3D performance, at the same time protects the servo from crash damage. Brand new battery mount with integrated ESC mount to tidy up the install.
The totally revised T-Rex 450 Sport V2 offers changes more than surface deep; the superior flight stability, smooth maneuver response, excellent control feel, and the convenience of small form factor, all make this the definite model for training.

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