Elicottero RC Shark TZ 90 ARTF calsse 90 modellismo

Elicottero RC Shark TZ 90 ARTF Almost Ready To Fly

Codice: TZ90

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Helicopter 90 Class

Technical Specifications:
XP90 modello classe 90 ca scoppio
Engine: 91 Nitro
Lengh: 1360mm
Height: 364mm
Width: 364mm
Pinion Gear: 15T – 16T
Main Gear: 124T – 125T – 126T
Main Rotor: 1557 – 1667mm
Tail Rotor: 260mm
Main Blades: 680 – 710mm
Weight: 4300g

Improved Design:
Fuel tank capacity 700cc.
New main gear with one-way bearing design for high torque.
Belt system tail drive.
Heavy duty tail with thrust bearings.
+/- 14° collective pitch is possible for extreme 3D performance.
Very efficient airflow to provide higher cooling and horsepower.
Simple and light weight design provides awesome flight performance.
Rigid metal frame design that can also handle hard crashes without damage.
Full metal head.
Clutch, fan and bell assembly provide a very smooth operation even at high RPM.
Direct Clutch start shaft design to eliminate any bearing problems during starting
Ready to fly weight (no fuel) is an incredible 4.30KG (9.48lbs).

Istruzioni in inglese. Non sono inclusi motore, pale, servo, radiocomando, ricevente e tutto quanto non espressamente specificato. Il kit non è più presente nel listino del distributore pertanto, nonostante sia nuovo, non è coperto da garanzia.

Vai all’offerta su eBay.it

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