Elicottero RC Hirobo XRB SR Lama RTF #0301-913 Mode 2 km.0 modellismo

Hirobo XRB SR Lama Ready To Fly km.0

Codice: 0301-913

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Elicottero radiocomandato preassemblato e completo di tutto il necessario per iniziare a volare!

Scheda tecnica:

Even first time pilots can hover with some practice.

A 15 minutes long stable flight with Li-po battery

  • XRB SR inherited counter rotation system from cable XRB. Hovering is very stable.
  • SR flies more silently, and maneuvers better.
  • Small body contains very efficient coreless motors, and all electronics.
  • With Lithium polymer battery, flight time is 15 minutes. It will take approx 1-1.5 hours for charging.
  • Main rotor diameter : 350mm
  • Total length : 360mm
  • Frame length : 62mm
  • Width : 90mm
  • Height : 160mm
  • Gear ratio : 9.857:1
  • Weight : 185g
  • Motor : XRB SR coreless motor 2pcs
  • Main mast : long type
  • Rotor RPM : 1,600-1,700RPM in hovering
  • Li-po charger : AC100-240V
  • Li-po battery, charger, included
  • Battery charge time : 1-1.5 hours

Km.0: Con questa sigla identifichiamo prodotti esposti in vetrina e mai usati.

Confezione originale e manuale in inglese inclusi. Foto d’archivio a scopo illustrativo.

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