Caricabatterie Prolux NI-PO Charge 144 5A #3714 modellismo

Caricabatterie Prolux NI-PO Charge 144 .

Codice: 3714

Prezzo di listino: 129€

Asta a partire da 1€!!!

Caratteristiche tecniche:
Input: AC 100V~230V / DC 11~18V
Batterie: Ni-Cd / Ni-MH / Pb / Li-Po
Celle: Ni-Cd/Ni-MH 1-14 Celle / Li-Po 1-4 Celle / Piombo 2-12V
Carica: 0.1A~5A
Scarica: 0.1A~2A

1. Super function 4 in 1 16 bits microchip CPU controller
2. AC, DC are both compatible
AC 110V or 230V switching power supply technology input
DC 11V ~ 18V input usable
3. Two-line 16 characters dot matrix large LCD display
4. AC & DC plug sockets are removable
5. universal output terminal
6. Deactivate and reactivate the beeper by using the Start button
7. Detect inversion of the battery automatically and input reverse protection
8. Built-in a DC cooling fan
9. Entire aluminum casing design – compact and portable
10. Ten sets of charging and discharging parameters have a memory function

Istruzioni in inglese. Questo modello non e’ piu’ presente nel listino del distributore quindi, nonostante sia nuovo, non e’ coperto da garanzia.


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