Caricabatterie booster Xipp DCX300 Xapper km.0 modellismo

Caricabatterie booster DCX3300 Xapper a km.0

Codice: XIPP50012

Xapper can increase battery voltage and lower cell internal resistance. This unit use 12Vdc power input with at least 5A capacity, fully adjustable from 1.2V to 90V xapping voltage. The Xapper DCX3300 is Xipp’s latest evolution of the Xapper! It features high power mechanical switch, trouble free arm and fire operation and with adjustable Xapping power into a smaller and more convenient case size. The Xapper DCX3300 has been specifically designed to enhance the newest high capacity cells including the Ni-MH 4600 cells, Ni-MH 3000-4600 cells and the Ni-Cd 2000-2400’s. The Xapper DCX3300 has twice the xapping power compare to the original DCX3000. This unit is designed for racer maintaining battery pack, to obtain highest possible voltage & power, comes with a custom cell holder that allows you to Xapp single cell or cells which are still in pack form (side-by-side config). The much-improved unit has increased effectiveness on the 3300HV, RC2400, RC2000, RC1700, GP3300, GP3700, Intellect 3600, 3800, 4200 & 4600 cells as well! More effective on ‘stubborn’ date codes, all new cell holder allows xapping cells while in pack, smaller, more rugged case, ultra low resistance circuit design, faster ‘charge’ cycle time, digital display monitors capacitor voltage, cell voltage and input voltage – THE DCX3300 IS DESIGNED FOR CELL MAINTENANCE

Km.0: Con questa sigla identifichiamo prodotti esposti in vetrina e mai usati.

Confezione originale inclusa. Manuale ed alimentatore non inclusi. Il modello in foto è quello realmente in vendita. E’ compreso solo quanto espressamente specificato e quanto visibile dalle immagini. Non si accettano permute.


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