Tamiya Buggy The Hornet by Jun Watanabe 2WD 1:10 Kit km.0 #58527 modellismo


Tamiya The Hornet by Jun a

Codice: 58527

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Automodello RC Tamiya The Hornet by Jun Watanabe 2WD 1:10 in di montaggio. Elettronica non inclusa.

Is easy to enjoy a light run, to RC radio control buggy electric fan is familiar, Hornet has been greatly transformed completely. A combination of tire of pink coloring in the body of intense graphic featuring black polka dots based on the white ones will be in the hands of the designer's creative JUN WATANABE. In addition, the bathtub chassis and bumper, and side guard the front and rear damper spring for this machine only black and white color of wheel, tire bring out the purple, and pink. In addition, such as pink and 4mm aluminum lock nut to secure the wheel, stuck in detail kit individuality sect. Running, is one of the full fun decorating. Hornet features a tough body structure simple and easy to assemble. Front independent swing axle to box-type frame made of plastic ABS, equipped with a rear rolling rigid suspension. The rear is showing off a healthy run in the road equipped with oil dampers evil. Gear box is sealed to prevent ingress of high reliability inherent in off-road sand and pebble. Was built in Diff produce smooth cornering. Front and rear wheels of a sense of three-dimensional three-piece design assembly also the type of expression. The front wheel drive tire groove with excellent direction, the rear wheel fitted with pin spike tires to exert sufficient grip. In addition, we also set the color black tires for traveling.

Caratteristiche tecniche del prodotto:


  • Lunghezza: 400 mm
  • Larghezza: 230 mm
  • Altezza: 150 mm
  • Peso: 874 gr
  • Motore: Type 540 (non incluso)

  • Regolatore: ESC (non incluso)

Km.0: Modello esposto in vetrina e mai !!!

E' compreso solo quanto espressamente specificato. Confezione originale e manuale inclusi. Foto d'archivio a scopo illustrativo. Non si accettano permute.

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