Yokomo BD7 2014 EP Black Version 1:10 4WD Chassis Kit #BD714B km.0 modellismo


BD7 2014 EP Black Version 1:10 4WD Chassis Kit a

Codice: BD714B

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Automodello elettrico in kit di montaggio, mai !

Automodello BD7 2014 Limited Edition EP Black Version 1:10 4WD Chassis Kit.

Discover the Model which will Lead Car Racing into a New Era
The BD7 2014 is a true evolution of Yokomo's top of the line 1/10 electric touring car, having benefitted from engaging in numerous competitive races in Europe -- the center of touring car racing.
It has proven its strength around the world, and even as its rivals have lagged behind each passing year, it is making a brilliant step forward into the next frontier.
The BD7 2014 features a motor mount located at the center of the chassis, and a redesigned steering bellcrank. While improving the driving response, it achieved both better handling of high-speed turns while maintaining grip.
The shock cylinders employ high-quality low-friction hard anodized aluminum to greatly reduce internal friction of the shocks, which absorbs shock from the slightest gap in the track surface to dramatically improve control.
In addition to the standard kit featuring blue anodized parts, a limited quantity Black Series model with its illustriousness resembling that of a black diamond will be available.
The BD7 2014 has elevated both performance and appearance to a form of art.
Discover the model which will lead touring car racing into a new era. Be the first to experience it.

- Newly-designed motor mount promotes suitable chassis rigidity and low center of gravity.
- Allows a wide-range of gear ratios to be compatible with various racing regulations.
- A redesigned steering bellcrank which can cope with changes to the suspension alignment.
- Employs low-friction hard anodized shock cylinder which reduces the internal resistance of the shocks.
- Features black anodized aluminum parts with beveled edges which gives an aura of high quality. (BD7 2014 Black Series)

- 4WD belt-driven competition touring car.
- Symmetrical configuration enables an optimal torsion of the chassis.
- Separate aluminum suspension mounts. (back-side of the front, and forward-side of the rear)
- Aluminum front solid axle.
- Rear gear differentials.
- Lightweight plastic cam belt tensioner.
- Front and rear stabilizers.
- Large aluminum oil shocks.

Km.0: Prodotto esposto in vetrina e mai usato!!!

Confezione originale inclusa, manuale in inglese. Foto d'archivio a scopo illustrativo. Non si accettano permute.

Il kit include solo la meccanica del modello. Sono da acquistare separatamente carrozzeria, motore, regolatore, radiocomando, ricevente, batterie, pneumatici e tutto quanto non espressamente specificato.

Valutiamo proposte d'acquisto!!!

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