LRP S10 Twister Buggy 2WD 1:10 ARTR #120410 km.0 modellismo


S10 Twister 2WD 1:10 ARTR a

Codice: 120410

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Automodello LRP S10 Twister Buggy 2WD 1:10 ARTR.

Modello montato con carrozzeria verniciata, senza radiocomando, motore, batteria e caricabatterie.

A new era of S10 models now also as Non-RTR!

LRP's S10 Twister is a genuine rear-wheel driven 2WD high-end buggy. The chassis of this ultimate model has been designed from scratch. It is perfectly adapted to the special demands of a 2WD buggy. Encapsulated gear box, slipper clutch, drive train with ball bearings, fully adjustable race suspension and all other outstanding features make the S10 Twister an exclusive model with competition genes.

No matter, if beginner, advanced driver or hobby driver with competition ambitions the LRP S10 Twister is the perfect car for every 1:10 electric offroad fan. It will delight you with its direct response and excellent on-track performance.

The LRP S10 Twister Buggy is the perfect start into 1:10 2WD electric offroad racing.

- Electric Offroad 2WD Buggy 1/10 scale.
- Adjustable all terrain race suspension.
- Drive train with ball bearings.
- 4 piece oil-filled shocks with blue anodized racing shock springs for best shock absorption on every surface.
- Easy access battery compartment prepared for the use with LiPo and NiMH batteries.
- Sealed gear box for best protection of the transmission and a composite motor guard.
- Composite gear cover with best slipper accessibility.
- Race-proven VTEC Kamikaze and Groove high-grip tyres with foam inserts on black spoke wheels for maximum traction and speed.
- Fully adjustable torque controlling racing slipper for best acceleration on any surface.
- Heavy-duty telescoping driveshafts.
- Low maintenance and super efficient drivetrain.
- Composite tub chassis for best protection of the electronic components, perfect weight distribution and easy maintenance.
- Composite geared differential.
- Race-style airbrush body design, pre-decalised, aerodynamic-optimised 2WD Buggy body shell with high-downforce tailwing for maximum stability.
- Blue anodized aluminium suspension arm holder.
- Easy to understand and detailed user manual including beginner and tuning guide.

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